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The New TCW Optimized Compressor 

Compact and Versatile Natural Refrigerant Solution

TCW Optimized for R-290 systems is equipped with an extended capacity range and a new motor designed with an acute focus on better COP.  The wide cooling capacity makes it a suitable solution for LBP and MBP applications in a wide range of light commercial products such as display cases, merchandisers, beverage coolers and horizontal and vertical freezers.

At a Glance

Natural Refrigerant Solution - Designed specifically for R-290 refrigerant

Extended Capacity Range - Up to 1700 Btu/h (500 watts) at LBP application

Application Envelope - -35° to -5 C / -31 to 23° F

Versatile - Industry standard suction, discharge, and process connections make installation and serviceability easy

Motor Redesign

  • PTC start device and no start cap (keeping all start criteria)
  • Focused on standard COP range (G-H)
  • Redesigned using a multi-objective optimization tool
  • Optimizes performance and cost

TCW Resources

TCW Sales Flyer

TCW Drawing Diagram