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AK2 Refrigeration Compressor

High Performance. Reliability.

Proven Reliability - Leverages robust design attributes developed from decades of commercial refrigeration experience with this expansion and update of the AK product family including larger bearing surfaces.

Eco-Friendly - AK2 is optimized for use wth eco-friendly refrigerant R290 (Porpanel, plus newly released U.S. EPA SNAP approved refrigerants R513A, R452A and R449A. Traditional refrigerants R134a and R404A and also supported by the AK2.

Performance - New valve plate, muffler and motor designs result in improved compressor efficiency.

Low Noise - New suction muffler and internal suspension system as well as a new rounded housing combine to deliver significant improvements in sound quality.

Service And Support - Backed by Tecumseh's network of knowledgeable applications engineers, test labs and support personnel.