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To ensure optimal performance in commercial activities, specialty cooling systems are designed to keep internal components running at their ideal temperature. Applications such as these include the cooling of telecom equipment, pressurized air dryers, process chillers, and many more.  

Our Industrial refrigeration systems play an important role in a variety of industries. They are essential for keeping food and beverages fresh, manufacturing pharmaceuticals, cooling industrial processes and more. 

Our process chillers are used to cool process water or other fluids and designed for a variety of industrial applications such as food processing, beverage manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Our process chillers are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations and can be installed indoors, outdoors or underground. Although our process chillers are typically used to cool water to a specific temperature, they can also be used to cool other fluids such as glycol or refrigerant. 

Our pressurized air dryers are used to remove moisture from compressed air. They are typically used in manufacturing and other industrial applications where clean compressed air is required. Our pressurized air dryers work by using a desiccant, which is a material that absorbs moisture. The desiccant is located in a cartridge that is installed in the air dryer. As the compressed air flows through the air dryer, it passes over the desiccant cartridge, which absorbs the moisture from the air.

Large storage tank for cooling and holding milk at the proper temperature until it can be picked up for transportation.

Safe, temperature-controlled storage and transportation methods for items such as blood, organs, medicine and vaccines used by hospitals, laboratories and clinical research organizations.

We offer an expanding compressor portfolio for commercial heat pump applications, such as sanitary water heaters, geothermal units and fan coils. Air-to-air, air-to-water and ground-sourced heat pump applications are rapidly growing globally. Some compressors have tight a operating envelope for specific applications and others have a wide range which make our products the perfect option for new and retrofit heat pumps.

Heavy commercial water-cooling application that are used for operating machinery, from chemical & pharmaceutical to medical and lasers. These cooling applications also extends to maintaining large storages of food and beverages such as wineries.

A compact countertop machine that creates both chilled beverages like frozen coffee, fruit juices and frozen cocktails as well as creamy desserts like ice cream, sherberts, and sorbets.