AL Refrigeration Compressor

Superior Efficiency.

The AL Series compressor platform is next up in our long line of legendary compressors. It's up to 15% more energy-efficient and is packed in a footprint that is roughly 5% shorter in height compared to competitive products. In addition to its small stature, the average weight of the AL-Series is 13 kg (28.66lbs).

AL Series models provide up to 20cc displacements and are designed specifically for L/MBP applications in light commercial refrigeration. The expanded L/MBP operating range allows standardized use across display cases, reach-in coolers, and ice machine applications

At A Glance

Natural Refrigerant Solution - R-290 in capacities ranging from 1,240 to 1,800 Btu/h at LBP and from 3,730 to 4,990 Btu/h at MBP. Both EN12900 conditions

Efficient - COP=1.35W/W (EER=4.61 Btu/Wh) at EN12900 - LBP

Quiet - Lower sound emissions

Compact and Light Weight - Up to 5% shorter in height and 25% lighter vs competitive models


Suction and discharge systems combined with new motors and refrigerant fluid handling provides improved compressor efficiency

Compact Size

Delivers the same capacity as a larger displacement, single-speed compressor, making more room for refrigerated goods


Optimized for use with eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant R-290 (propane)


Industry-standard suction, discharge, and process connections facilitate ease of installation and serviceability.