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SILENSYS Condensing Unit

More Choice. More Silence.

Silensys has been a leader in commercial refrigeration since it was introduced to the market in 2000. The Silensys® condensing unit is the absolute reference product for high-performing, ultra-quiet condensing units.

We are the only unit manufacturer to certify the noise level of its products according to the NF ‘Acoustic Performance’ guidelines. In other words, the published noise level really corresponds to the measured noise level.

Precision of Evaporation Pressure

SILENSYS Inverter is the best solution for fine-tune the required temperature and hygrometry. The improved system control will avoid any ambient fluctuations and improve the like and quality of perishable goods.

Multi Evaporator System

Just one SILENSYS Inverter will allow the management of many cold rooms/cabinets.


Proven standard Tecumseh reciprocating compressor. Ability to operate in high ambient temperature.

Variable Capacity & Blast Freezer

The variable speed enables the blast freezer systems to shorten the product cooling duration.

Energy Saving

The stability of the evaporation pressure maintains the coefficient of performance (COP) of the compressor and explains the energy savings of the installation.

Easy To Use/Increased Safety

Switch button with 3 modes: OFF, INVERTER, MAINTENANCE. Turn ON Auto position, factory preset at 10°C for refrigerants R404A and R1234a.