Reliable. Compact. Robust. More Capacity.

New Semi-Hermetic Condensing Unit

Tecumseh semi-hermetic condensing units are introduced to complement our existing ranges. These condensing units focus on a wide range, high efficiency, interchangeability and robustness.

Features & Benefits 

Wide Range

  • Condensing Unit range from 10kw-43kw –High Temp & 5kw-19kw – Low Temp Application based on EN13215 Conditions.

High Efficiency

  • Energy consumption can be greatly improved by fitting a frequency converter (inverter) and/or capacity control system.

Efficiency Interchangeability

  • Monitoring and easy access to the mechanics of a refrigerant system.
  • Comprehensive accessories are available to help our customers develop, install, regulate capacity, and even re-configure compressor.


  • Tried and tested technology which is constantly being improved.
  • Multi-refrigerant compressors R404A, R134a, R22, R407C, R507 (new installation).
  • Optimized valve-plates.
  • Centrifugal disk
  • Thermistors within the electric coils linked to an INT protection module.


Ideal for: Commercial Refrigeration, Cold Room, Retail Refrigeration Application, and many more…