Engineering Policy Bulletins

Number   Description   EN ES  
PB101   Bulletin Procedure Bulletin Procedure        
PB102   Warranty PSC Motors Starting        
PB103   Electrical Contractor Specifications        
PB104   Refrigerant Charge Limitations        
PB105   Compressor Oil Specification        
PB106   Compressor Expected Performance Characteristics        
PB107   Effect of Liquid Refrigerant in the Commpressor        
PB108   Start Winding Protection        
PB109   Mounting Parts        
PB110   Run Cap and Start Cap Performance Specifications        
PB112   Compressor Reliability in Heat Pumps        
PB113   Compressor Voltage Range        
PB114   Start Assist Options on Compressors with PSC Motors        
PB115   Design Guidelines Low Temp AE AZ HT TP Compressors        
PB116   Applications of ACD Condensing Units to Bulk Milk Coolers and other Systems        
PB117   Application Precauthions in PTAC and Water to Air Heat Pumps        
PB118   HBP Rotary Application Parameters        
PB119   Hermetic Compressors in Water Related Applications        
PB120   Usage of Direct Suction Compressors        
PB124   Flamable Refrigerant        
PB125   Application Guidelines for Commercial Refrigerations Systems using Rotary Compressors        
PB126   Rotary Application Parameters RG Rotary        
PB127   Scroll Compressor Appliction Parameters for Commercial Refrigerations Applications        
PB128   Application Guidelines for Low Temp Commercial Refrigeration Systems using Rotary Compressors        
PB130   Precautions with R449A and R407A in Low and Med. Temp. Commerical Refrigerations Applications        
PB131   IntelliCI Frequency Input Requirements        
PB132   SIERRA Tilt Requirements