Guidelines and Recommendations

Tecumseh’s Commitment to Low GWP Refrigerant (EN) (ES) (PT) (FR) (DE) (IT) (ZH)


Tecumseh Refrigerant Matrix (EN)

Service Guidelines HCFC R22 to HFC Blends (EN)

Guidelines for Utilization of R134a and R513a (EN)

Guidelines for Utilization of R407A, R448A, R449A Rev2 (EN)

Guidelines for Utilization of R410A (EN)

Guidelines for Utilization of R404A and R452A (EN)

Guidelines for Utilization of R407C (EN)

Guidelines for Utilization of R600A and R290 (EN)

Refrigerant Line Sizes for Remote Systems (EN)

Procedures Involving Processing and Start-Up (EN)

Cap Tube Sizing (EN)

Application of Remotely Mounted Systems (EN)

Time Delay Relay (EN)

Refrigerant Line Sizes for Remote Systems (EN)

System Design Considerations for Good Oil Return on Commercial Systems (EN)

Machine Compartment Design in Cabinets (EN)

Refrigerant Strainers for Systems (EN)

Accumulators (EN)

Wiring Practices for External Overload Compressors (EN)

Factory Test Pressures (EN)

Compressor Cycling (EN)

SILENSYS Advanced Installation Instructions (EN) (FR) (DE)

AG Compressor Detailed Installation Instructions (EN) (FR) (DE)

AJ² Detailed Installation Instructions (EN) (FR) (DE)

Guidelines for using R448A/R449A and R452 Refrigerants  (EN) (FR) (DE)

Guidelines Refrigerants A2L (EN) (FR) (DE)

Q&A A2L Tecumseh 2020 (EN) (FR)

Guide EN378 A2L Refrigerants Charge Limits (EN) (FR)

HGA Condensing Unit Installation Instructions (EN) (FR) (DE)

Installation Instructions - Condensing Units  (EN) (FR) (DE)

Notice Rotary Compressors (EN) (FR)

Liquid Refrigerant (EN) (FR)

Mini Pressure Switch (EN) (FR) (DE)

Retrofit Positive and Medium Refrigeration Systems (EN) (FR)

SEMI HERMETIC Installation Instructions (EN) (FR)

SILENSYS Electrical Data (EN) (FR) (DE)

SILENSYS Installation Instructions (EN) (FR) (DE)

SILENSYS Inverter Installation Instructions (EN) (FR) (DE)

WINTSYS Installation Instructions (EN) (FR) (DE)