Engineering Policies

Number   Description   EN ES  
EP1   Off Cycle Heat      
EP2   Control of Return Gas      
EP3   Start Winding Protection      
EP4   Heat Pumps Reverse Cycle      
EP5   Load Limits for Rubber Mounting Grommets      
EP6   PTC Start Assist Devices      
EP7   AJ Room Cooler Compressor Application      
EP8   Precautioin for usage of Direct Suction Compressors      
EP12   Rotary Portable Split Window RAC      
EP13   Rotary Application Guidelines Commercial Refrigeration      
EP14   Rotary 3 Phase Rotation      
EP15   Refrigerant Charge for Rotary Compressors      
EP16   Direct and Semi-Direct Suction Compressors Applied to Cube Ice Machine