Reciprocating Compressors

Discover the advantages of our broad range of energy-efficient and reliable reciprocating compressors for household refrigerators and freezers, air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration including, applications from refrigerated display cases to walk-in coolers and freezers.

What is a Reciprocating Compressor?

A hermetic reciprocating compressor uses one or more pistons, driven by a crankshaft, to deliver refrigerant at high pressure from the low side to the high side of a refrigeration system.

Why Tecumseh Reciprocating?  

In 1938, Tecumseh revolutionized the refrigeration industry with the first hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor. We have provided 80+ years of industry leadership in reciprocating compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Today, we continue to lead the way by designing energy efficiency, quiet operation and reliability into every new compressor we produce.

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