Intelligent System Controller

Tecumseh Releases an Intelligent System Controller

October 17, 2018

In addition to its variable speed compressors, Tecumseh has added Tecumseh IntelliSC to its Tecumseh IntelliCOOL technology platform.  Developed to work together, these components enable design engineers to turn their next generation variable-capacity refrigeration ideas into reality.

October 17, 2018 - Tecumseh Products Company, LLC. (Ann Arbor, Michigan) added Tecumseh IntelliSC, an intelligent system controller, to its Tecumseh IntelliCOOL technology platform offerings. Tecumseh IntelliSC is a full-featured intelligent system controller with a remote user interface and display. Out of the box, Tecumseh IntelliSC is enhanced for use with Tecumseh's variable speed compressors and IntelliCI inverters.  These features include both an isolated frequency compressor-speed interface and a highly configurable algorithm to reduce overall energy consumption.

Tecumseh IntelliSC has a universal power supply and is approved for use with R290 refrigerant.  With 3 independent temperature sensors and 5 relays, Tecumseh IntelliSC can be configured to control defrost functions, fans, and other components as needed. 

Many OEMs are currently working with Tecumseh IntelliSC and its VTC line of variable speed compressors.  "One of our current customers, in a glass-door merchandiser application, was able to achieve a 37% energy reduction using IntelliSC and VTC Compressor, when compared to their traditional fixed capacity solutions." said Robert Terry, Global Platform Director of Variable Speed Technology at Tecumseh.  "Initial feedback from our customers has indicated that their testing, using IntelliSC and VTC Compressor, results in dramatic energy savings."

Tecumseh IntelliSC, when combined with variable-speed compressors, offer additional advantages beyond energy-savings.  Features and benefits such as tight temperature control, input power management, rapid temperature pull-down, and diagnostics all help end-users ensure their equipment is operating with high reliability and superior performance.

Terry says, "We are very pleased that our customers are embracing the Tecumseh IntelliCOOL platform and seeing the benefits that intelligent controls and variable capacity compressors can bring to their applications."