From chilling to freezing, Tecumseh compressors, condensing units and systems offer solutions we sometimes take for granted: safe food storage, ice cream at just the right temperature, a cold refreshment and a comfortable home or work environment.

Commercial Refrigeration
Demanding commercial environments require products that perform under tough, strenuous conditions. And that’s where Tecumseh earns its reputation. Large and small business owners around the world rely on Tecumseh products to deliver the optimum properties to keep food and beverages cold, make and store ice, and to keep snack-treats, lunches and dinners at an ideal cool temperature. Although most people may not see our products directly, they do appreciate the cooling benefits of the products we provide.

Residential Refrigerator & Freezer
For decades consumers from all four corners of the earth have relied on Tecumseh compressors and appliance components to make their life easier. The average consumer may take for granted the convenience of refrigerators and freezers, and the affects they have on our daily life…but, thankfully, Tecumseh never does. Our engineers are hard at work to make refrigerator and freezer systems seem effortless. Because that’s what people want today. And what the world wants tomorrow…well, we’re working on it.

Air Conditioning
Residential and Commercial, our central unitary air conditioning and heat pump experience places Tecumseh among the world technology leaders. Whether at home or at work, Tecumseh touches the lives of millions with cool comfort that makes living a whole lot easier. And from a competitive standpoint…we like the heat!

Specialty Air Conditioning
The demand for reliable, efficient and specialized thermal management systems continues to expand around the world. Our specialty air conditioning compressor and condensing unit range is suitable for a variety of applications including Transport, Military, Medical, Telecom and many others.