Why A2L are the SOLUTION in commercial refrigeration systems from 1 to 20 kW ?

From a user’s perspective:

F-Gas is the driver, the soonest the better to avoid cold chain maintenance issue.

Sustainable refrigerant, industry choice from a technical and economical perspective.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) linked to Energy Efficiency of A2Ls is 10 to 20% better vs other natural alternatives.

It's no more complicated than before:

Selection, Handling, Maintenance as easy as today with HFCs – beyond a few specific precautions taken in terms of safety, over the lifetime of an installation, working with A2Ls is similar to HFCs. Very short potential learning curve. Thermodynamics is very similar to HFCs.

Main risk assessment (charge limit, ATEX..) is managed by product design, in our new generation of condensing Units SILENSYS Advanced. The remaining part for the contractor is ~20%: Choice of the right location for the condensing unit and follow good practices.

No over-equipment required, Tecumseh condensing units are Eco-design compliant (MEPS) so with high efficiency compare to previous generation of condensing units.

The design of this A2L new generation of condensing unit has been developed to ensure proper running at very high ambient temperature (remember 2019 heatwave).

The Guarantee of a simple solution

The choice of a Tecumseh products ‘Safe by Design’ takes away the constraints.

Security of Goods and People in term of Risks (flammability, charge limit…) are managed by Design.