Tecumseh opens bespoke production line


Taken from Cooling Post - https://www.coolingpost.com/world-news/tecumseh-opens-bespoke-production-line/

FRANCE: Tecumseh has implemented a flexible manufacturing line at its factory in Cessieu, France, to provide bespoke condensing units for OEM customers.

The new dedicated flexible manufacturing line is designed to meet the project requirements of OEM customers, along with engineering support to enable rapid review of requirements and issuing of a quote with drawing for approval. 

Tecumseh says that the manufacturing lead times for these bespoke alternatives is designed to match standard manufacturing lead times. 

While Tecumseh prides itself on its range of standard condensing units, the company is regularly approached to provide alternatives. In fact, Tecumseh says production of unhoused condensing units continues to go from strength to strength almost contrary to market indicators for the rise of the packaged product across Europe.

A recent flexible manufacturing case involved an enquiry from a UK wholesaler with an order from an OEM customer who required modification to an existing standard condensing unit. The client sought replacement of the receiver, the addition of a schrader valve for charging and the provision of modified pipework to simplify existing manufacture of a module used for an ice bath application. 

After meeting with the OEM customer to clarify requirements, Tecumseh’s  engineering team issued alternatives for consideration. Once approved by the customer, the modified product enabled the OEM customer to gear up for rapid growth and supply of a new product to global markets.