Tecumseh Unveils Enhanced Portfolio to Comply with Lower GWP Standards at CMPX 2024


ANN ARBOR, Mich. , March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --

Tecumseh Products Company, a pioneering force in compressor and refrigeration systems, is set to present its diverse product range geared towards addressing the ongoing global industry requirements for a more sustainable future at the CMPX Expo 2024. In alignment with the Kigali Amendment, which calls for a gradual reduction in the use of HFCs globally, Tecumseh will showcase reliable R-290 reciprocating compressors and A2L classified solutions tailored for commercial refrigeration and some specific heat pump applications. Additionally, the company will introduce expanded Argus condensing units designed to meet heightened demands for Walk-In Cooler and Freezer applications.

Recognized for their "lower-flammability," low-GWP A2L refrigerants offer promising alternatives to high-GWP hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Tecumseh proudly introduces two standout rotary compressor offerings, the RG and HG compressors, now compatible with R-454B, with an anticipated expansion of R-32 models in late 2024. Available in both horizontal and vertical orientations, these compressors cater to diverse manufacturing needs, providing a capacity offering of up to 1HP. In the commercial refrigeration sector, Tecumseh is gearing up its system offerings to function with R-454C and R-455A for compressors exceeding 15cc displacement. This includes reciprocating compressor options like the ALX, AJ2, FH, and even the VS scroll models, integrated into Tecumseh's range of condensing units, such as the Celseon and the ARGUS units.

Following the updated UL standards in late 2023, R-290 refrigeration equipment will now be permitted a higher charge limit beyond 150g. Closed appliances (with doors or drawers) will have a maximum charge limit of 300g, while open appliances (without doors) will have a maximum charge limit of 500g. Tecumseh is at the forefront of addressing these industry limits, utilizing proven and reliable compressors like the AL and AJ2 models that has been successful in the European market. Tecumseh will also showcase refined condensing units to align with higher charge limits, including the expanded Celseon 2.0, a reliable indoor unit well-established in North America. Customers in the North American hemisphere can anticipate product sampling for both compressors and systems by late Q2, with the full commercial release of the expanded R-290 portfolio scheduled for Q3-2024.

"Having serviced the European market with R-290 solutions for nearly a decade, Tecumseh is at the forefront to implement and adapt to equipment needs beyond the 150g limitations in North America. With innovative compressors like the AE2, TC, AL and AJ2 models, our solutions showcase reliability and efficiency, reinforcing Tecumseh's commitment to meeting industry and regulation demands," says Stephan Manson, VP of Sales in Canada.

Tecumseh will also showcase the ARGUS condensing unit platform, a robust and reliable walk-in cooler and freezer unit that now operates up to12HP. The ARGUS is a staple product offering throughout North America, with multi-refrigerant and multi-feature capabilities tailored to various market demands. The ARGUS product line will soon be A2L-ready, enabling operation with R-454C and R-455A refrigerants to align with evolving refrigerant trends. Jeremy James, Director of Engineering Systems, expresses excitement, stating, "We are thrilled to showcase this comprehensive lineup, addressing current needs and positioning ourselves at the forefront of future requirements with A2L-classified refrigerants, covering segments where R-290 propane does comply."

Tecumseh will continue to celebrate their 90th year anniversary, following a successful kick-off party at AHR Expo earlier this year, as they commemorate their historic 90th-year anniversary. Established in 1934 by Raymond Herrick, Tecumseh has evolved significantly, initially pioneering the first hermetically sealed compressor, and now producing comprehensive systems, including condensing units, racks, chillers, and cold room control systems. 2024 is a milestone year for Tecumseh and will continue to celebrate during CMPX expressing gratitude and recognition for their esteemed customers whose continued support has been integral to Tecumseh's journey of product reliability and excellence.