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Tecumseh Showcases High-Efficiency AL Compressor at AHR 2023

3/9/2023Joanna R Turpin - ACHR News

By Joanna R. Turpin - 

AHR 2024 Atlanta - Tecumseh showcased the AL Series compressor, which delivers high-efficiency in a small housing for R-290-based food retail and food service equipment. This new compressor platform offers up to 15% improved performance and energy efficiency in a very compact and quiet housing that is estimated to be roughly 5% shorter in height compared to competitive products. Series AL models provide up to 20cc displacements and are designed specifically for low- and medium-back pressure applications in light commercial refrigeration.

“We are also leading the way when it comes to low-GWP A2L refrigerants, with our AE2, AJ2, FH2, and AG compressors,” said Saito. “We are one of the first companies to have developed compressors that support A2L refrigerants, and our A2L-ready compressors are the perfect solution for cold rooms, display cases, refrigerated cabinets, and beverage dispensers in food retail and food services.”

The heat pump market offers a huge opportunity, and Tecumseh highlighted its offerings for this market, which included rotary compressors VR2 and HG.

“We are the only compressor manufacturer in the Western hemisphere that has manufactured rotary compressors for air conditioning for decades,” said Saito. “We are taking advantage of these capabilities and are now working on heat pump compressors as well.”

“We have also expanded our portfolio of compressors with low-GWP A2L refrigerants, where R-290-based light commercial compressors may not have enough capacity or CO2-based systems may be too large,” said Hiroshi Saito, vice president of global marketing and business development at Tecumseh. “Using A2L offerings, refrigeration OEMs now have more suitable choices to approach the refrigerant transitions while meeting low-GWP requirements.”