Masterflux introduced an advanced search tool, empowering users to select solutions based on their application requirements


[Ann Arbor- USA, Feb 15th] — Masterflux by Tecumseh, a leader in variable-capacity DC-powered cooling technology, launched its fully redesigned MASTERFLUX.COM website (https://www.masterflux.com). The website significantly improves user convenience in learning and identifying the latest cooling solutions for emerging applications with DC power input.

Masterflux introduced an advanced search tool, empowering users to select solutions based on their application requirements. Whether searching by voltage range, capacity, applications, or refrigerant, the upgraded website ensures a seamless and efficient search experience to find right products among compressors, condensing units and other value-added systems such as BTMS and eMRU, Masterflux’s latest mobile refrigeration units.

The new Masterflux.com website is tailored to the needs of engineers and system integrators in emerging direct current applications such as automotive, solar, battery thermal management, military, telecom, semiconductor and medical equipment. Offering easy guidance, users can now understand their cooling requirements based on DC power specifications. This application-based approach enhances user experience and ensures relevant information is readily accessible.

Over the last two decades since its formation of the business in 2004, Masterflux has expanded its customer base globally. As the new website launches, the Masterflux team isconfident that these advancements will continue to support its global customers and help them develop their next generation cooling equipment. Robert Terry, General Manager of Masterflux says, “For two decades, our DC cooling solutions have stood as a cornerstone in the global industry. Our newly launched website now effectively communicates our company's vision and technological capabilities to both current and prospective customers.We are thrilled about this development and look forward to better serving our customers.”

Embrace the future of precision cooling solutions with Masterflux's enhanced website. Explore, discover, and experience innovations in DC-powered cooling solutions at https://www.masterflux.com .

About Masterflux by Tecumseh

Masterflux is a brand of Tecumseh Products Company, a global leader of commercial refrigeration.  Masterflux has pioneered variable-speed direct DC-powered compressors and refrigeration systems for mobile transport applications since 2004. Known for its innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability, Masterflux continues to shape the future of DC-powered cooling solutions in emerging applications such as portable refrigeration, electrified vehicles, semiconductors, solar and renewable energies. 

Tecumseh Products Company (www.tecumseh.com), is a leading global manufacturer of hermetic reciprocating, rotary and scroll compressors ranging in capacity from 1/15th to 30 horsepower, as well as offering a complete line of condensing units and systems for use in residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Tecumseh products are manufactured on four continents and sold globally through a network of sales professionals, authorized wholesalers and licensed distributors offering brand names that include: AE®, AE2®, AW®, Celseon®, L’Unite Hermetique®, Masterflux®, Silensys®, and Wintsys®. Tecumseh Products Company LLC is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.