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Masterflux 850V DC Electric Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Compressor



Since 2007, Masterflux, a Tecumseh brand, has been providing direct DC-powered compressors and systems for both mobile refrigeration and cooling applications for the commercial vehicle industry. Masterflux is best known for its Sierra Compressor, which is the leading compressor used in no-idle applications for commercial vehicles, specialty vehicles, work trucks, and off-highway applications.


At Work Truck Week 2023 in Indianapolis, USA, Masterflux will exhibit its expanded product portfolio, including its 850VDC electric compressor for EV cooling and no-idle applications, its new 850V eBTMS (Electric Battery Thermal Management System), and a complete eMRU (Electric Mobile Refrigeration Unit paired with a slim line evaporator coils) intended for transport refrigeration applications.


Robert Terry, Masterflux General Manager said, “Since the early 2000s we have been providing our market-leading-SIERRA DC Compressor into no-idle air conditioning applications for OE Class 8 long-haul trucks and other commercial vehicle segments. Now, building off of our proven technology and years of experience in these applications, we are very excited to introduce our latest 850VDC air-conditioning heat pump compressor designed specifically for the commercial EV market."


In June 2022, at the Battery Show in Stuttgart Germany, Masterflux introduced its Alpine Compressor, which was the first 850V EV air-conditioning heat pump compressor available to the market. The Alpine Compressor is designed to provide up to 10KWs of cooling and best-in-class efficiency in a package intended specifically for use in on-road and off-highway commercial EV and ICE idle-mitigation applications. It is available in a wide variety of voltage ranges including 48VDC, 350VDC, 650VDC, and 850VDC. It is designed for use with a variety of refrigerants including R134a, R1234yf, and R513a. Additional development is underway for use with R290 (propane).


At the Work Truck Week 2023, Masterflux is also introducing its new eBTMS Platform D, a Plug-and-Play liquid-cooled BTMS chiller with a capacity range from 5kW – 9kW. With the Alpine compressor inside, the system can be operated up to 850VDC and provides exceptionally high efficiency for both cooling and heat pump operating modes. This eBTMS System is packaged specifically for use in commercial EVs and is intended for liquid cooling battery thermal management and power train component cooling applications.


For electrified transport refrigeration and last-mile delivery applications, Masterflux will introduce its new eMRU, a full electric transport refrigeration unit paired with a slim line evaporator coil. This product is designed specifically for vans and light trucks, operating in the last-mile delivery space.


Akash Bhatia, the Global Director of Masterflux Systems said, “We have an increasing number of customers who are highly interested in procuring packaged systems rather than just electric compressors. It is because of our long history and expertise in electrified cooling and refrigeration systems development, and our units are highly optimized for efficiency.”


The new Masterflux eMRU is a new low-profile platform of electric refrigeration systems, covering both fresh and frozen applications. It has a wide range of voltage from 12V – 350V DC. Cooling capacity ranges from 1.5kW (5k BTU) up to 5.5 KW (19K BTU) at 0°C/32°F with R-404A, R-134a, R-1234yf, R-452A, and R-290 refrigerants based on single-fan to three-fan configurations. The paired slim-line evaporative coil selection provides a full complete offering of highly efficient electric refrigeration units for commercial trucks and vans.


Bhatia said, “We combined our 90 years of refrigeration experience from Tecumseh and 20 years of DC electric compressor experience from Masterflux."


Masterflux by Tecumseh has been designing, developing, and supplying the commercial vehicle market with direct DC electric air-conditioning compressors for over two decades.


Terry said, “Our Masterflux DC electric compressors are known for robustness and exceptional efficiency. These new additions to our portfolio share these same qualities and are well suited for the growing commercial EV market.”


Masterflux will be exhibiting a number of new direct DC, variable-capacity cooling and heat pump solutions for idle-mitigation and EV thermal management applications at upcoming exhibitions such as Work Truck Week and Battery Shows in 2023.