Variable Speed Technology

IntelliCOOL,  AC Powered, and Masterflux®, DC Powered, are the smart and efficient way to deliver variable speed cooling.                  

Masterflux® by Tecumseh features variable speed compressors unlike any other on the market today, offering compact power, precision control and flexibility for diverse applications.  To learn more about Masterflux® by Tecumseh, please click here

IntelliCOOL™ encompases the latest product innovations and initiatives in variable speed cooling, intelligent control, energy management and heat transfer.  To learn more about IntelliCOOL™, please click here.

What is a Variable Speed Compressor?  

Unlike standard compressors that run on a set cycle (at full speed or completely off), a Variable Speed Compressor operates at multiple speeds at different times depending on the cooling needs of the application. This saves energy and prolongs the life of the compressor

Why Tecumseh Variable Speed?  

Tecumseh is dedicated to delivering variable speed options to today's market.  Utilize our experience to bring variable speed technology to the market.  No matter whether you are trying to provide cooling to a concept electric vehicle, the cab of a tractor or providing front line cooling to military troops in desert conditions, turn to the Tecumseh team for the advice, components and solutions you require.