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Powering products that change the way people work, live, and play since 1934.

Early 1930’s: Raymond Herrick - a tool and die maker - had no formal education and modest savings, but he had an idea . . . to apply mass production techniques learned working with Henry Ford to the assembly of refrigeration compressors.

1934: Herrick founded Tecumseh Products Company in Tecumseh, Michigan., which would become the world’s largest independent producer of refrigeration compressors.

1938: Tecumseh revolutionized the industry with the first hermetically sealed compressor, significantly increasing appliance longevity and reliability. By 1939, the company was producing 160,000 compressors annually.

During WWII: Thousands of patriotic men and women served their countries. Citizens and businesses were called up too. Tecumseh applied its mass production know-how to manufacture record numbers of 40 mm shells.

After the war: With much of the world in ruins, food preservation equipment was badly needed. Tecumseh shared its knowledge and began working directly with foreign licensees. Post-war desire for refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning was soaring. In 1947, a Tecumseh compressor powered the first window air conditioning unit.

1950: Tecumseh produced 2 million compressors. Soon afterwards, we introduced a compressor for automotive air conditioning. Consumer demand for these products grew exponentially and by 1954, Tecumseh compressors powered 48 percent of all cooling appliances. By the mid-50’s, sales were $124 million.

Early 1960s: We’d become America’s largest compressor producer, with our units in 70 percent of all freezers, window air conditioners, non-GM automobile air conditioners, and 30 percent of all refrigerators.

Today: We manufacture from four continents for customers in countries around the globe. We continue to seek alliances and opportunities to carry out our founder’s basic philosophy – to make the highest quality compressors and keep costs low. As a result, citizens everywhere enjoy a better quality of life.

Monterrey, Mexico Facility Helps Open New Markets

Tecumseh’s Monterrey, Mexico manufacturing facility has been in operation since early 2009. TPC Refrigeration de Mexico accomplishes two important goals for Tecumseh. It allows us to better service the entire North American market, and it enables us to establish a more definite presence in the Mexican market.

Paris, Tennessee Motor Plant Supplies Power

Our facility in Paris, Tenn., supplies motors, laminations, and components to customers worldwide. It has been headquarters for the Motor and Components Group for more than 30 years. The team of engineers, technicians, staff, and production employees can produce in excess of 6.5 million motors per year.