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New Spare Part Guidebook Mobile App

New Spare Part Guidebook Mobile App

Upload the new app which makes it easy to quickly and correctly identify service replacement components.

The App can be downloaded on App Store or Google Play at no cost.

Semi_Hermetic IDCU

New Semi-Hermetic Condensing Units Available

Tecumseh now offers a new range of air-cooled condensing units, equipped with semi-hermetic compressors. The new condensing units extend our refrigeration capacity to 15 HP while retaining the same energy efficiency and reliability than you have come to expect from Tecumseh.

PAC2 Condensing Unit

Introducing the all new Packaged Condensing Unit

Tecumseh's PAC² Packaged Condensing Unit features a compact design and corrosion resistant enclosure. The PAC² has been subjected to rigorous testing, ensuring it meets Tecumseh's industry known reputation for performance and reliability. Installation and maintenance of the PAC² is reduced to a minimum with a design than provides easy accessibility from the front panel.