New ARGUS Indoor and Outdoor Condensing Unit
Air-cooled low and medium temperature condensing unit platform with both indoor and outdoor configuration. Focusing on the ½ to 6 HP capacity range, Tecumseh ARGUS is ideal for walk-in coolers and freezers and provides restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores unmatched performance and configurability which keeps their produce and other products at optimal freshness. All-Season, All-Weather – Built on 85 years of climate control expertise, Tecumseh ARGUS stands up to any demand in the commercial refrigeration.  With optimized feature packages and customizable options, we work with our customers to find solutions to any unique installation requirement.  Sustainability, performance, flexibility and configurability – Tecumseh ARGUS is the most dynamic condensing unit available today.  Argus Product Image 312x200

Sustainability – We are rethinking the industries approach to eco-friendly refrigeration by optimizing our technology around HFO-blend refrigerants.  Tecumseh ARGUS is designed specifically for R-452A, R-448A and R-449A and exceeds the DOE’s AWEF requirement by up to 15% in the capacity range of ½ to 6 HP.

  • Designed with building owners in mind
  • Optimized around HFO-blend refrigerants
  • Exceeds DOE’s AWEF requirement by up to 15% in the capacity range of ½ to 6 HP
  • Microchannel coil design is up to 50% lighter and uses 30-40% less refrigerant than other coil technologies

Flexibility - We have the right solution for any application and offer a variety of options and feature sets customizable to any specification. Options can be configured by selecting the pre-configured Silver, Platinum or Gold feature packages or by ala-carte selection dependent on the application requirement. Whatever your project requires, we provide dependable, low-maintenance solutions which significantly lower cost and grow business.

Customizable options for any unique requirement:

  • Fixed low-pressure switch
  • Adjustable low-pressure control
  • Liquid line filter drier and sight class
  • Air or electric defrost timer
  • Condenser coil options
    •    Microchannel
    •    Tube and fin
    •    E-Coated
  • Fan motor options
    •    EC
    •    PSC
  • Accumulator
  • Check valve
  • Suction filter drier
  • Heated, insulated receiver
  • Disconnect switch
  • Variety of field installed components

QUICK SHIP STOCKED FOR WHOLESALE – Pre-configured feature sets aligned with regional and application requirements

Serviceability - We designed Tecumseh ARGUS with serviceability in mind because we know how important it is for our customers to install and service their equipment easily and efficiently.  When you combine our serviceability features with our vast distribution network and outstanding customer service team, you have confidence your system  will always function at an optimal level.

All three chassis sizes were developed with a simplified layout, making it easier to access without removing the top of the enclosure. The base valves on the outside corners of each chassis seamlessly integrate with our competitor’s installations providing an efficient drop-and-go solution that will streamline your workflow and cut costs.

  • LED Lights – Activates when system door is opened, allowing visibility in any location or situation
  • Diagram – Enlarged electrical diagram to ease serviceability
  • QR Code – Easy access to wiring diagrams, performance data, service parts list and our world-class Technical Service team
  • ARGUS Axis System – Easily remove door and streamline service workflow