VTC Series Compressor

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AK2 Series Compressor

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TC Series Compressor

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WINTSYS Valued-Price Solution

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X Range

New Multi-Refrigerant Compressor Range

X Range is a multi-refrigerant compressor range approved for use with refrigerants R404A, R452A, R134a and R513A for High Back Pressure (HBP) applications and, refrigerants R404A and R452A for Low Back Pressure (LBP) applications

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New Version of Product Selection Software Available

Discover Tecumseh Product Selection Software Version V4.0 

The latest version includes new refrigerants and expanded functionality.  Download your copy today.

New R449A R452A Refrigerants

Approval of Refrigerants R449A and R452A

Tecumseh has approved refrigerants R449A and R452A as acceptable alternatives to refrigerant R404A.  Some restrictions apply when using refrigerant R449A for low temperature applications.