VTC Series Compressor

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AK2 Series Compressor

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The New TC Series Compressor

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Low Rider

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2018 New Product Resource Center

The Next Generation of COOL. The Highest Efficiency Ever.

Tecumseh's new line-up of compressors and condensing units deliver higher efficiency than ever before. Our New VTC Series variable speed compressor is one of many new products that is breaking the efficiency barrier.  Visit our Resource page to learn more about our new products.  

Condensing Unit Quick Select Guide

New Condensing Unit Quick Select Guide Now Available

Tecumseh's Condensing Unit Quick Select Guide has been updated for 2017. The Guide makes it easy to identify the condensing unit you need based on refrigerant, evaporating temperature and cooling capacity.  Tecumseh's complete offering of indoor air and water cooled commercial refrigeration condensing units is covered in the guide.

ESP Guidebook

New Electrical Service Parts Guidebook Now Available

Tecumseh's popular Electrical Service Parts (ESP) Guidebook has been updated for 2017. The ESP Guidebook is a handy tool for refrigeration service technicians to decipher compressor and condensing unit serial label information and to look-up start/run capacitors and, relay replacement kits for Tecumseh compressors. A printed version of the ESP Guidebook is also available for purchase from Tecumseh's webstore.